Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Online Installers Suck!

What are Online Installers?

Consider this, you want to install a certain software (say Google Chrome), you go to its home page which says ‘Download’. You click on that link feeling you are downloading the installer setup. But when you run the file you realize that it starts to download other files which it will use to install the actual software. The irritating thing that you downloaded is an Offline Installer.

Here are few reasons why Online Installers suck:

Cannot Install Software Without Internet
If you are stuck at some place without an internet connection, you won’t be able to install the software if it has an Online Installer.

Extra TIME and bandwidth
Every time you want to reinstall the application, the Online Installer will re-download the entire thing, wasting time and bandwidth. Online Installers do not have features like download resume (unlike download managers and modern browsers like Firefox)

Online Installers are prone to crashes, they aren’t as robust as Offline Installers.

No User benefit
The number one reason why Online Installers sucks? There's no user benefit. They are mainly useful for companies to collect user statistics.

The number one reason why Online Installers sucks? There's no user benefit. They are mainly useful for companies to collect user statistics.

If I only want to download software A? Why should I download an extra software B, which in turn will download A for me?


Our mission is to get rid of Online Installers by providing users direct links to the software they want to install.

Here are some key features:

Direct links will be picked from the official site only. This will insure authenticity of the installer.

Download links will be provided as soon as the software becomes available for release.


  1. The sole reason online installer exists is corporate sadism. That is, when Armani-clad, cocaine snorting corporate executives invent unwanted features that do not benefit the consumers at all, and purposefully make consumers' life harder. Windows 10, Ebay GSP, wide screen stretching, Windows 8 Start Menu removal, and Samsung Android auto update which serves no purpose other than filling up the internal storage to force smartphone users to buy a new phone; those are the brainchild of corporate executives mentality. Remember, executives are not entrepreneurs. Cornelius Vanderbilt and Andrew Carnegie were robber barons, but at least they built something. Corporate executives, on the other hand, are nothing but parasites that prey on the consumers. Many people hated Bill Gates and Microsoft monopoly, but at least Windows 9x and Windows XP were not unwanted products. In fact, they were pretty good, I would choose Windows 9x over OS2 Warp any day. Now the entrepreneur has stepped down, replaced by people without any sense of belonging to the company because they neither built nor owned it, and we start seeing crap being forced down the consumer's throat.

    The most important thing I have learned as a consumer is when a company can screw their consumers without heavy repercussion, it surely will. Rationally, a company should keep its consumers happy, but a company is still ran by people --people with certain kind of mentality, to be exact. When the worst thing could happen to those people is golden parachute, it's no wonder they would screw their consumers at the first chance, even though it doesn't benefit them financially.

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